3 SEO Tips for Your Car Dealer Website

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The global economy is still reeling from the aftermath of the financial meltdown and most businesses today, especially car dealers find themselves in a bind, struggling to rope in every last customer. Over the last couple of years, the automotive industry has witnessed an overhaul in its marketing model. In days past, car dealers would engage in classified advertising by placing ads in the newspapers and waiting for customers to respond. However, the all too pervasive power of the internet has transformed the way people conduct their business these days and old marketing tactics have given rise to newer and more cost effective ones.

automotive seo tipsA plethora of car websites have mushroomed all over the internet and auto dealers are experiencing a spike in their sales like never before. Car inventory marketing is becoming increasingly popular among car dealers because of its ability to tap into the viral nature of the internet and attract a horde of potential customers to view your dealer inventory online. Adopting a comprehensive and effective Automotive SEO strategy for your dealer websites and indexing your inventory online could help you generate an influx of visitors to your dealer website and quadruple your return on investment in the process.

In this article we shall discuss some effective Dealer SEO tips and tricks for your site which would help you gain an increased amount of traffic and subsequently result in more leads and more sales conversions.

  1. Title Tags– The title on your page is crucial as it impacts your visibility on search results. It is ideal to use a long title consisting of about 4 to 8 words. A title containing your primary keyword should be maximized in length as this will increase your websites prominence on search engine results.
  2. Text Menu’s Not Flash – It is advisable to use text for your car dealer website’s navigation menu instead of java scripts, flash or image files. Avoid using flash, images or java script for your website’s content as this would impede search engine crawlers from locating your site. Text links are universally crawlable by any search engine and should always be used for your main navigation.
  3. Keyword rich content – A website rich in keywords would automatically gain more favorable rankings on search engine results pages. Hence you should add 2-5 keywords on your page content in order to gain favorable search engine rankings for your car dealer website. If your pages contain less than 250 words, you should use just one keyword for a maximum density of not more than three times. The first keyword should be in bold while the second and third should be in italics. Make your pages appealing by including catchy descriptions in your content to entice visitors and potential customers.

Incorporating these Automotive SEO tips and tricks into your car dealer website will enhance your web presence and visibility as a prominent automotive business entity. This would give you an edge over your rivals and hep boost your revenue earning potential from internet sales.


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