Quality Link Building Tips for Automotive SEO

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Building quality backlinks from prominent websites is one of the most effective ways to increase the page ranking of your car dealer websites. The more links you have reverting back to your website, the higher your website will rank in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Hence, link building is an integral part of Automotive SEO. However, just like any other long-term strategy the process of link building requires a lot of commitment. While link building, your objective should be quality and not quantity. Although high quality links are hard to come by, they are worth obtaining.

Organic Dealer LeadsHere are tips that could help you generate quality back links to your dealer websites.

  1. Know your resources: Before you get started it is important to know the resources you have. If you are in a link exchange scheme, you would have to give out links from your websites or blogs in return of the link-back you get.
  2. Analyze your competitors: Observing your competitors from close quarters would not only help you source high quality links but also give you an estimate as to the number of backlinks required for your car websites . Utilities such as Open Site Explorer tool would help you find out the number of good quality links your competitors have and where they have built them.
  3. Keyword research is vital: The usage of keywords should depend on the quantum of links you want to generate. If you include too many keywords you run the risk of getting flagged as spam. For building links manually, however it would be in your best interest to restrict your usage of keywords.
  4. Identify link sources: After you’re through with doing your preliminary research and planned your strategy accordingly, you would have identified a couple of sources for you to start building your links. A good place to start would be directories such as DMOZ, where you can submit a URL suggestion. You could also find an opportunity to build links in blog sites and article directories such as Ezine where you can engage in link exchange with webmasters using hyperlinks. At this juncture you would want to get links from many different sites. This would make your backlinks look organic for the search engines. However, you should bear in mind that free links are a gamble and may or may not yield the desired results. Even popular directories like DMOZ cannot guarantee you links to your dealer websites.
  5. Set a regular approach: Building quality links for your car website would benefit you in a multitude of ways. It would help your website gain high rankings on search engine results pages as well as generate a steady flow of traffic to your website. So while it might be easy to get links for your website, you must pause and ask yourself if they are achieving the desired results for your website. All it takes is a bit of research and a comprehensive Automotive SEO approach to build quality backlinks for your car dealer website

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