Automotive SEO Isn’t Just Page Optimization, It’s About Link Building!

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The whole idea is simple; The more people visit your automotive dealership website, the more people you get that are potential buyers. The real trick is how to help these people locate your site. Automotive SEO is your answer.

automotive link buildingAutomotive SEO works much like your regular search engine optimization wherein the aim is to establish a site on the first page of any search engine’s results page (SERP) based on your chosen keywords and, just like any smart SEO operation, automotive SEO is primarily empowered by content publishing, microsites, robust data structures and link building.

However, it’s link building that matters the most. You could safely say that it is the lifeblood of any stable website. But what is link building?

Most of us know the basics which are creating links to other websites and get them to link back to you. In so doing, you get traffic. The principle is simple yet maximizing its potential power takes a lot of work behind the curtains so to speak. Effective link building can be achieved through:

  • Joining forums can be very rewarding. You can get quite a lot of unsolicited and very valuable information from highly potential buyers. Share something or, better yet, render help and get your site in either by mentioning it or as part of your signature. You can also start creating your own threads. On a side note, consider signing up in sites with the likes of Yahoo answers. You can get very strong leads here as well mainly under cars and transportation categories. The downside of these kinds of sites is that they tend to be quite time consuming. However, the links and traffic generated from social media sites like these are as good as gold.
  • Creating Wiki pages for websites, decide on effective keywords such as your dealership name. Search engines pick up on links provided by many Wiki sites.
  • Setting up accounts on free micro-blogging websites such as and and regularly posting substantial articles on them. These get sniffed out by search engines as well.
  • Taking advantage of Squidoo lenses. Ensure that the contents are, again, substantive and you can strategically throw in your keywords here as well. It’s the content modules that you want to have linked back to your dealership website. You may want to take advantage of other modules as well such as the RSS feed and Video module.
  • Getting your dealership site included in directory listings. To further your chances of getting into the directories, consider going for those that already have car dealer websites.

General rule of the thumb is to always consider your resources. These may include automotive social media specialists, developers, writers, money and other things that aid you in getting strong links that will improve your organic rankings on Google and other major search engines.

The automotive industry is a competitive one. Sadly it is generally under served at the moment by a host of third party vendors who capitalize on the average dealers large budget, but small knowledge in the field. Like any other marketing or advertising project, dealer need to have a good understanding of what it is they are paying for. Once dealers understand how to determine their ROI, they will be able to make better marketing decisions with their budgets.

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