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Chris Burns is the founder of BURN SEO, LLC. Chris is dedicated to bringing the best service and most cutting edge internet marketing techniques to car dealerships across the country.

Pennsylvania Hyundai Dealer Sponsors Triathalon Team

One of the great things about a good car dealership is that they really get involved in their community. Often the owners of car dealerships are heavily involved in politics or local organization that better their communities.

Such is the case with Major Hyundai, a Pennsylvania Hyundai dealership located in Stroudsburg, PA.

Major Hyundai has proudly been behind many local organization and has even sponsored an Olympic Triathalete, Joe Maloy of team Philly Pro Tri.

In addition to sponsoring an Olympic athlete, the dealership gets involved in local organizations and even has a special veterans program for anyone that has served in our military.

Assistance In Purchasing Your Car.

Cars, the universal mode of transportation and the most widespread ever introduced to mankind. It has been estimated that over 806 million cars were being used last 2007. How much more would that be at this point in time when the production of automobiles have increased dramatically? These numbers represent the practicality of driving one. We have to admit it. Cars, like change, are a constant and inevitable.

Ever since it’s appearance, cars have evolved from being leisure items to the more fundamental and practical things they are today. The periodic increase of car production is attributable to two factors: the seller and the consumer.

The Top 5 Benefits Of Blogging For Car Dealers

car_shopperBlogging started off as a means of self-expression and it caught on as such. Much later businesses started getting into the act when it was apparent that these sites get quite a lot of visitors. Following that, someone discovered that fine tuning the blogs eventually lead to singling out specific target audience otherwise known as target market in business terms. What is actually amazing to note is that there seems to be no market saturation. As the world progresses, so too the blogs themselves progress and with an endless supply of fresh materials, blogging remains to be a very powerful platform for any business, especially for car dealerships.
Let us consider the five most significant benefits that make blogging beneficial for car dealers.

1. Content – You can blog virtually about anything you can think of but it (the blog) will only be as substantial as your content. Information is what everyone looks for whether online or offline so it makes sense to provide at least something of interest for site visitors to “discover”. Achieve this and after a while, you will be cashing in from the “word-by-mouth” effect which has proven to deliver a lot of loyal and serious traffic. Once the reputation is there, it should be maintained by constantly posting fresh, updated, and of course, relevant contents.

Automotive SEO Isn’t Just Page Optimization, It’s About Link Building!

The whole idea is simple; The more people visit your automotive dealership website, the more people you get that are potential buyers. The real trick is how to help these people locate your site. Automotive SEO is your answer.

automotive link buildingAutomotive SEO works much like your regular search engine optimization wherein the aim is to establish a site on the first page of any search engine’s results page (SERP) based on your chosen keywords and, just like any smart SEO operation, automotive SEO is primarily empowered by content publishing, microsites, robust data structures and link building.

Route 22 Nissan redefines the purchasing process with its interactive new website

In the domain of online dealerships, New Jersey’s Route 22 Nissan is without a shadow of doubt a market leader and above all a trendsetter. Having successfully generated a record breaking sales volume last year, Route 22 Nissan has proven itself time and again to be one of the premier dealerships in the online sphere. As an increasing number of prospective customers resort to the internet for purchasing a car, few online dealerships can rival the mass appeal as well as the organizational caliber that Route 22 Nissan possesses.

Carbon-Consciousness Catching On In Auto Industry

The last decade has been an era in which gas prices have swung wildly, often changing by as much as 25 percent. Automobile manufacturers are no strangers to the problem, as their business depends heavily on their customers’ willingness to pay at the pump. Especially over the last several years, car manufacturers have responded to the gas crisis by stepping up their engineering efforts and rolling out more efficient and less consumptive models. The automobile industry has become a frontier for environmental advancement and consumers are buying in, purchasing increasingly efficient cars every year.

The Innovation for Google + Started Years Ago

google plusSearch. People are always looking for something. The more instantly gratified we are with something, the more we are likely to begin searching for something else a lot quicker.

Google changed the way people search. If you want to know the answer to something, you search for it on Google. If you want to know where something is, you search for it on Google. Ultimately, Google is a play on the human psychology. It finds exactly what we want – when we need it. How do you do that socially however?

Ford Heart Rate Monitoring Project Has a Pulse

ford heart rate monitorStress at home and at work is our worst enemy. Tie is second in line; we never have time to take care of important things we should, like getting a medical checkup. Life moves fast, it is difficult to get everything done in the time frame we want to so we usually leave the medical checkup for another time while we continue working. Sooner or later this attitude catches up with us and we all of a sudden everything goes wrong. Many tim4s it is too late to solve anything.

Importance of Automotive Advertising

If you are a car dealer, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you not getting enough visitors to your car website?
  • Are your sales figure not satisfactory?
  • Is your business not able to compete with the multitude of car dealerships in your area?

Are you concerned about all these issues as a small business owner? Then it is time that you revamp your sales approach to make it more sophisticated. All that your business needs now is effective automotive advertising.

Vehicles of the Future

Making your vehicle a more economical and reducing ones environmental foot print is something we all want to do, reduce the financial burden of a vehicle while at the very same time protecting the fragile ecosystem we call our planet Earth for our children and their children. An area of concern is the catalyst used to propel and maintain a vehicle: fuel.

Everyone has a different image of what the sports car of the future will look like or how the family saloon will fit in futuristic movies and novels teach us something of what these hybrid vehicles might look like – notice they never seem to emit any kind of exhaust fumes either? At some point perhaps in the future are we likely to relinquish our high dependency on fossil fuels?