The Top 5 Benefits Of Blogging For Car Dealers

car_shopperBlogging started off as a means of self-expression and it caught on as such. Much later businesses started getting into the act when it was apparent that these sites get quite a lot of visitors. Following that, someone discovered that fine tuning the blogs eventually lead to singling out specific target audience otherwise known as target market in business terms. What is actually amazing to note is that there seems to be no market saturation. As the world progresses, so too the blogs themselves progress and with an endless supply of fresh materials, blogging remains to be a very powerful platform for any business, especially for car dealerships.
Let us consider the five most significant benefits that make blogging beneficial for car dealers.

1. Content – You can blog virtually about anything you can think of but it (the blog) will only be as substantial as your content. Information is what everyone looks for whether online or offline so it makes sense to provide at least something of interest for site visitors to “discover”. Achieve this and after a while, you will be cashing in from the “word-by-mouth” effect which has proven to deliver a lot of loyal and serious traffic. Once the reputation is there, it should be maintained by constantly posting fresh, updated, and of course, relevant contents.

Importance of Automotive Advertising

If you are a car dealer, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Are you not getting enough visitors to your car website?
  • Are your sales figure not satisfactory?
  • Is your business not able to compete with the multitude of car dealerships in your area?

Are you concerned about all these issues as a small business owner? Then it is time that you revamp your sales approach to make it more sophisticated. All that your business needs now is effective automotive advertising.

Why Google Places is a must for automotive SEO

google placesAre you an automotive dealer that is seeking to gain local visibility for your car dealer website? If yes, then Google Places is your all encompassing solution that could phenomenally increase the visibility of your dealership on local search listings.

Using this remarkable utility your car dealer website can get top rankings on Google’s search listings without having to spend as much time and effort in traditional SEO efforts. With Google places you can literally capture your local market and exponentially increase your sales conversions.

Here are some of the benefits your automotive dealership could enjoy by signing up to Google Places.

Are you using Twitter to promote your car dealer website?

twitter car marketingTwitter has come a long way since it was conceived as merely a social networking site, where people could share knowledge and information real time.

These days the social media-marketing explosion has created a brand new platform for online marketers to popularize and sell their products through social networking sites like Twitter.

Because of its viral nature, an increasing number of dealer websites are using Twitter to expand their targeted audience and showcase their fleet of cars to consumers. The million dollar question is, has your dealership started using it?

Quality Link Building Tips for Automotive SEO

Building quality backlinks from prominent websites is one of the most effective ways to increase the page ranking of your car dealer websites. The more links you have reverting back to your website, the higher your website will rank in SERP’s (Search Engine Results Pages). Hence, link building is an integral part of Automotive SEO. However, just like any other long-term strategy the process of link building requires a lot of commitment. While link building, your objective should be quality and not quantity. Although high quality links are hard to come by, they are worth obtaining.

How Does SEO And Social Media Marketing Boost Your Car Inventory Marketing?

A lot of customers utilize automotive websites these days, instead of making phone calls or visiting car showrooms to find out information about a particular vehicle they are planning to buy.  According to a study, more than 80% of newbie vehicle buyers in the year 2010 made their purchase over the internet compared to just 70% in the year 2009. The 10% increased usage of the internet is not only from the general web, but also from hand held devices such as smart phones has also fueled this growing trend.

3 SEO Tips for Your Car Dealer Website

The global economy is still reeling from the aftermath of the financial meltdown and most businesses today, especially car dealers find themselves in a bind, struggling to rope in every last customer. Over the last couple of years, the automotive industry has witnessed an overhaul in its marketing model. In days past, car dealers would engage in classified advertising by placing ads in the newspapers and waiting for customers to respond. However, the all too pervasive power of the internet has transformed the way people conduct their business these days and old marketing tactics have given rise to newer and more cost effective ones.

How To Get The Perfect Car Dealer Website For Your Business?

car website designYou can get your car dealer website designed provided by a variety of resources. Options are many but you have to choose the right one to get maximum usability. Your website is your online business platform. It is imperative that the website represents your business in the best possible way, reflecting professionalism and credibility.

How to get a car dealer website designed?

Evolving Trends In Car Dealership Marketing

New vs old marketing

New vs old marketing

Gone are the days when you would spend hours researching info on newspapers, magazines or other outdated resources. Now, it’s easier to know all about your favorite brand or product by doing a simple search on Google! The year 2011 has seen a huge shift in they way advertising is done, as most businesses have gone online – the Internet has evolved as a giant information repository. Needless to say, companies like car dealership and  their car inventory marketing is no exception – Car dealers need to be in front of their customers, on the web!

Top 5 Things Every Car Dealer Website Needs

As 2011 quickly approaches, automotive dealerships are looking at how to take advantage of a car market that may be on an upswing. Car dealerships, in addition to almost all vertical markets across the board are trying to capitalize on the seemingly limitless growing internet marketplace.

car dealer websites

Because this is a topic that so many dealerships are taking a hard look at right now, we at BURN SEO thought we would post about the top 5 things that every car dealership website needs in order to succeed in 2011.