How Does SEO And Social Media Marketing Boost Your Car Inventory Marketing?

A lot of customers utilize automotive websites these days, instead of making phone calls or visiting car showrooms to find out information about a particular vehicle they are planning to buy.  According to a study, more than 80% of newbie vehicle buyers in the year 2010 made their purchase over the internet compared to just 70% in the year 2009. The 10% increased usage of the internet is not only from the general web, but also from hand held devices such as smart phones has also fueled this growing trend.

Top 5 Things Every Car Dealer Website Needs

As 2011 quickly approaches, automotive dealerships are looking at how to take advantage of a car market that may be on an upswing. Car dealerships, in addition to almost all vertical markets across the board are trying to capitalize on the seemingly limitless growing internet marketplace.

car dealer websites

Because this is a topic that so many dealerships are taking a hard look at right now, we at BURN SEO thought we would post about the top 5 things that every car dealership website needs in order to succeed in 2011.

Code To Share Fan And Group Pages With All Friends

facebook logoAs the proud owner of a Facebook fanpage we are faced with the same challenge everyone else is, how to get more fans. The best way to get some new fans immediately is to invite your current friends to enjoy your new fan page. They do this by liking it. How do you share it with your friends? There is a link to share with friends on the upper left corner of your fan page below the logo. Anyone that is a fan of the page will be able to share the page with their friends. Facebook, like Stumbleupon, has an annoying feature that requires you to physically click on every friend that you want to share your fan or group pages with. This is where our handy dandy script becomes useful!